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Hi! Welcome to the blog section on my website IndianVoiceArtist.com.

My name is Susheel C, and I am a Voice Over artist based out of Chennai. You can read a little more about how I got started in Voice-Overs at this ‘About Susheel’ page.

I record out of my home studio which is in the south of Chennai, in a relaxed neighbourhood with green grazing grounds and cows and buffalo that roam freely among the migratory birds that visit every year! It is a nice neighbourhood to live in, the only challenge being the distance from the centre of the city. That’s not really a challenge, considering that I work out of my ‘home studio’.

The Home Studio

I’ve mentioned the ‘Home Studio’ a few times now… and I guess I should talk about the setup a little. Let’s start with an equipment list. Everyone likes a list of equipment, right? Right!

It starts off with an Audio Technica AT815b Line+Gradient Condenser Shotgun Microphone, which feeds my voice into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen Audio Interface, which allows me to monitor what I’m recording on my Sony MDR-7506 Pro Studio Monitor Headphones. The audio is recorded at 48Khz or 44.1Khz (your choice – we can go up to 192Khz) with a bit depth of 24bits on my DAW of choice – Adobe Audition CC.

Finally, the audio is then mastered to get my levels set just right so that I can give you an output with a low noise floor, no reverb or echo, and perfect levels that do not exceed -3dBFS.

For mastering, I have a range of plugins from Focusrite, iZotope, and Waves.

You can be sure that you’ll receive pristine recordings with a quick turnaround time, every single time!

Get In Touch!

I’m extremely reachable… Connect with me by phone, email, or on social media: Susheel C Twitter, Susheel C LinkedIn. YouTube coming soon.

But you didn’t come here to see me typing out pixels, did you? You came to hear me speak, right! So here’s my SoundCloud link until I get the website set up.

Thanks for Stopping By, Check Back Soon!

Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for stopping in, and checking out the new pixels at this URL! You can leave a comment, and choose to be notified about updates!

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